October 26, 2013

{Josh & Anastacia (Adaska) Harris Wedding – Twin Cedar Farms, Rockford, Tennessee 10/13/13}

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Another Great and Successful Event for us here in Tennessee, with great new vendor contacts and a beautiful surrounding.

When we first spoke to Anastacia, she advised she initially needed reception music; as the plan started to unfold, she then added on ceremony music and requested the contract. After securing the date with her and Josh, she then fell in love with the idea of having a Gobo Template for her event and we added that on for her as well.

As the date drew near, we scheduled an appointment with her, Josh, the brides mom and her nanay (whom I bonded with immediately) and we discussed the entire timeline, schedule of events, music and details. During the week we had to change a few details, but nothing out of the ordinary.

On the day of the wedding, we drove out to her venue, Twin Cedar Farms in Rockford, Tennessee. Another beautiful and breath taking venue. I know what they mean when they say, “this is what dreams are made of.” One of my dreams and passions is to have a very similar venue and location to offer to our clientele one day in the future…one day. The place was already decorated and ready upon my arrival. My son and I quickly unloaded and set up our systems for both the Ceremony Outside and Reception inside.

During our set up, we met up with the Groom and his best man, along with the wedding coordinators and host of the Farms. We went over the itinerary and made sure that each of us were on the same page; at which time the ceremony was about to begin.

As the groom and his groomsmen followed him down the isle, you could see the bride in the distance making her Grand Arrival on her horse drawn carriage. Once arrived, she exited the carriage only to be escorted down the isle by her father to join in holy matrimony with Josh. After the services, Josh and Anastacia went for a small ride around the property as the rest of the guest made their way to the reception. We soon followed up with the couple to make sure that they were well attended to and coordinated with the photographers to assure proper timing and sequence of events.

The photographers we worked with, were a husband and wife team, and they were on the ball. Tracy and Josh with Tracy Shoopman Photography did an excellent job and we bonded quickly. We are looking forward to seeing their work and seeing them again in the near future.

After the introductions, first dance of our couple, we had our blessing over the meal and on to dinner. After the buffet, the couple went and greeted guests, until it was time for a short toast and thank you from the Father of the Bride to all in attendance. The couple then made their way over to the cake, and then on to the Father Daughter dance and dancing. After the bride danced with her dad, we started the party. The song that we played was a very special request from the mother of the bride and some very close friends, and a family tradition, as the group of ladies enveloped the bride in a special private moment.

The crowd listened to several tune chosen by the bride and groom and other selected favorites from the crowd. We were able to then engage the crowd with the bouquet toss, garter removal and toss, then back to the party. The couple really a good time and their friends and family shared in helping them make some very special moments and memories. We were able to capture many of the moments, and we are happy to be able to share some of them here with you. (to see more of their wedding pics, click on one of the pictures and you will be taken to the account).

Congrats Josh & Anastacia…..and thank you for allowing us to be a part of your day.

Early Pics:

01 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313

02 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313

03 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313

05 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313

06 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313

07 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313

09 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313


12 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313

16 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313

19 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313

20 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313

23 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313


26 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313

28 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313

30 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313

32 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313

34 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313

37 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313

39 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313

41 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313

42 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313

48 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313

50 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313

52 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313

56 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313

59 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313

60 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313

62 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313

63 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313

67 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313

71 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313

75 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313

78 Josh & Anastacia Wedding 101313


October 20, 2013

{Jordan & Kalli (Hall) Livesay Wedding – Knoxville, Tennessee 10/12/13}

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What a great day and night for a wedding. The Fall Season is in Full Bloom, weather is changing and all of the elements for a perfect day was set in motion. When I received the call from the Bride’s Dad, Steve Hall, we both hit it off immediately. I knew that this was a wedding that truly wanted to be a part of…..and it was. Mr. Hall immediately reached out to his wife, Kristy….who reached out to the bride. We set up an appointment and the contract was signed.

Shortly after the meeting, we scheduled a date to meet up over at the venue, The Lighthouse in Knoxville, Tennessee. All I can say is wow! Another fabulous location for a wedding: the view, the size, the scape – all was perfect. The staff was also very accommodating and easy to work with throughout the entire time. While we were there, were mapped out the setting, the tables, the plans and where we were to set up for the night.

Kalli’s friend and boss’s wife, took the photos for the evening and they had a photo-booth to capture the moments of the guest for their guest book. Day of the wedding….all was perfect. Ceremony took place outside on the balcony and the reception indoors. We arrived early enough to see the “First Glance” of the bride and Groom and we were able to capture the moment.

Jordan and Kalli were surrounded by family and friends by the numbers, and everyone had a great time. We were able to engage many of the guest in song request and moving them to the dance floor. Steve, the brides dad, is also a music buff and had a handful of songs, which – when they were played, he hit the dance floor with a few moves of his own. The bridal party was fun to hang out and the brides brother, Davey, was a trip. He kept us in stitches the entire night.

After making memories on the dance floor, the crowd was taken outside for the final send off – which still remains to this day, one of my favorite send offs: the bridal party all lite Chinese lanterns that filled the night sky over Knoxville. The dreams and wishes that were sent up – were genuine and heart felt. Congrats to our Newly Weds.

First Glance

01 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

03 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

07 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

09 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213


11 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

12 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

13 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

14 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

15 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

16 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

17 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213


18 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

20 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

22 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

23 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

31 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

33 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

Reception & Party

40 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

42 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

43 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

47 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

50 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

54 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

55 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

56 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

64 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

65 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

66 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

70 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

75 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

82 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

86 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

88 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

93 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

The Send Off

103 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

105 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

108 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

109 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

117 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

119 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

120 Jordan & Kalli Wedding 101213

*** To See More Pics – Click On a Picture and you will go to our Portfolio: Leave comments for us!! **

{Jason & Brittany (Carstens) Wilder Wedding – Lily Barn, Tennessee 10/05/13}

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We were initially contacted by Brittany, like most brides, she was looking for the right company and DJ to perform at her event. After providing her with a quote and additional details, we agreed to meet and address any other issues and concerns that they may have. When we met with Jason & Brittany to discuss the details of their wedding, I believed that they found what they were looking for our service and company; soon after our meeting, they booked me.

The venue was the Lily Barn. What a gorgeous venue; it offered all of the elements and perfect setting for ceremony in Tennessee. This was our first time out to the location and I was excited for the opportunity. I have come to realize that many of the locations in the mountains off the same type of pavilions, two walls up and the rest open. The ceremony itself took place approx. 1/4 mile up the road, all in walking distance and on the same property.

The photographer that was there that evening was Farrah’s Photography. It was our opportunity to work with yet another photographer in the Greater Knoxville Area, and we were pleased to have the honor. She had a team with her for all the shots in the pre-stages of getting ready, to the ceremony, and then Farrah was left alone for the reception. We worked quite well together and we started networking instantly. We are also looking forward to reviewing her work for future promotions on our site.

Jason & Brittany were awesome to work with: very specific on their details, the music and timing of the events. At the same time, they were very easy to get along with and the evening unfolded as planned. We soon realized into the evening (as well as being instructed during the consultations) that Jason loved to Dance. We were able to capture some of those moments. Brittany did as well, but she left the spot light for her husband.

The guest all had a great time: they ate, danced and helped Jason & Brittany celebrate their new beginnings together as husband and wife. We had a great time with them and are very pleased with the overall turn out of the event. Thank you both for the great time and the opportunity to serve you. Our best to you both.

The Setting:

03 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

04 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

06 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

07 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

08 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

09 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

09 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

14 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

01 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

02 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513


25 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

26 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

32 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

35 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

40 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

42 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

43 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

45 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

46 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

52 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

53 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

58 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

62 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

64 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

66 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

69 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

73 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

80 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

83 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

87 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

97 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

103 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

106 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

107 Jason & Brittany's Wedding 100513

(To see more of the pictures, click on a picture above – and you can see them on our Flickr account)

October 12, 2013

{Esteban & Lyndsey (McSwain) Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, Tennessee – 09/21/13}

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I love networking! We received this referral from an associate that I work with, Jonathan Miller, whom knew the groom and they were planning a wedding and did not have a DJ; thus, he thought highly of us to refer me to them. Thanks Jon.

The day did not start out all the best, due to a lot of rain, however, by the time we arrived at the location (Lyndsey’s Parents Plantation), the rain let up for the rest of the evening. Thanks to prayers.

As the evening started to unfold, the couple got married under the tent, where the reception would soon unfold, and the services were great. The minister did a great job and from time to time we noted some teary eyes. From our position, Lyndsey kept trying to get Esteban to show some emotions….and she had us laughing. Once the ceremony ended, my son and I assisted with the rest of the set up of the food, cake, and order of events. We performed the introductions of the family, bridal party, and our couple. They went right into their dance, and then off to the toast and dinner.

Shortly after dinner, the party started. Some of the guest had disappeared and no one knew where they went; only until later on – we found out that they were just helping to get the party started; they were the bar providers!! As the dancing picked up on the dance floor, the music playing great beats, the night cooled down (due to a cold front passing through) and the party did not want to end. At the request of the guests, we stayed an additional two hours and made some memories!! As the old saying goes….”What Happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas,” LOL – enough said!!!

Thank you Lyndsey and Esteban for a Great Time!!!


01 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

03 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

05 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

06 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN


08 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

09 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

10 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

12 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

18 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN


22 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

23 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

First Dance

28 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

30 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

33 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

37 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

41 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

43 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

44 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

48 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

51 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

55 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

55 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

60 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

67 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

79 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

82 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

83 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

86 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

89 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

92 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

94 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

97 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

99.3 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

99.5 McSwain & Rodarte Wedding, Strawberry Plains, TN

October 2, 2013

{Mike & Cindy (Hill) Callahan Wedding, Oakridge, Tennessee 09/01/13}

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Another beautiful day for a wedding in Oakridge, TN. This was our second time at the Riverside Grille where we initially met Cindy. Cindy was very organized and had a dream and plan to make this the best day ever; she had a group of friends that showed up early to make sure that the entire decor was set exactly how she planned it and it was awesome!

We also had the pleasure to work with Bonnie Jones with Plaid Barn Studios and I could not have been more pleased; her talent and ability to work with the crowd helped to keep things on time and moving smoothly. She has not only been a great source for photos, but we became instant friends and comrades in the field. Thanks Bonnie!!

Early in the afternoon, we had to fight off some scattered showers, but by the time the ceremony started – the sun came out and it was absolutely perfect. Cindy and Mike invited only their immediately friends and family to attend the services. Shortly after, they gathered around the property for family photos as the remaining guest arrived. By the time all of the guest arrived, it was time for their introduction and First Dance.

Once the dance was finished, Mike’s son Tim came forward and gave the couple a great toast, and there was not a dry eye anywhere. Once the toast was complete, the dinner and music began. Cindy wanted a more up beat melody and tempo to the night, and we accommodated accordingly. She wanted and envisioned the guest getting up at any given time to start the dancing; and that what they did. The rest of the night was made for the party and the guest had a great time. We were able to capture several of these special moments for them and we happy that we can share them with them. Please take a moment and join me congratulating the couple again!!

14 Hill & Callahan, Oakridge TN

16 Hill & Callahan, Oakridge TN

12 Hill & Callahan, Oakridge TN

11 Hill & Callahan, Oakridge TN

08 Hill & Callahan, Oakridge TN

05 Hill & Callahan, Oakridge TN

Cindy & Mikes First Dance:

18 Hill & Callahan, Oakridge TN

23 Hill & Callahan, Oakridge TN
24 Hill & Callahan, Oakridge TN

30 Hill & Callahan, Oakridge TN

31 Hill & Callahan, Oakridge TN

34 Hill & Callahan, Oakridge TN

37 Hill & Callahan, Oakridge TN

The Boys Take Over:

40 Hill & Callahan, Oakridge TN

44 Hill & Callahan, Oakridge TN

Just another fun filled night with Sword Sounds…

47 Hill & Callahan, Oakridge TN

50 Hill & Callahan, Oakridge TN

September 9, 2013

{Jon & Jessica (Kanner) Paone – Crystal River, Florida 08/31/13}

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This was one of my last trips to Florida to perform the actual ceremonial services, ceremony music and then the reception. My son Justin Sword was with me and I was very thankful for this, as he was able to help me to keep things moving and stream lining throughout the night. Jason Angelini, one of our favorite photographers in the Tampa Bay Area, was with us this night, and it was good to work along side him one more time.

Jon & Jessica were a great couple to work with and for. They were in constant contact with us and remained in contact with us every few weeks to make sure that their special day was mapped out to perfection; it was also good to see both of them again, as we were hired to do her sisters wedding two years prior to this.

We Officiated, DJ’d and spun music all night and kept the crowd dancing on the floor. The crowed had a great time, even the grandparents were up dancing; and that is always my greatest accomplishment, is to get them on their feet and dancing. Below are a few of the photos of a Fantastic Night.


.5 Wedding Performance

.6 Wedding Performance

First Dance / Introductions:

01 Jon & Jessica Panoe - Sword Sounds

02 Jon & Jessica Panoe - Sword Sounds


04 Jon & Jessica Panoe - Sword Sounds

05 Jon & Jessica Panoe - Sword Sounds

Parent Dance:

06 Jon & Jessica Panoe - Sword Sounds

08 Jon & Jessica Panoe - Sword Sounds


09 Jon & Jessica Panoe - Sword Sounds

10 Jon & Jessica Panoe - Sword Sounds

11 Jon & Jessica Panoe - Sword Sounds

14 Jon & Jessica Panoe - Sword Sounds

17 Jon & Jessica Panoe - Sword Sounds

September 3, 2013

{Wedding of Cory & Katherine (Gonzalez) Griffith – 07/27/13 at The Riverside Grille, Oakridge, TN}

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We had yet another great time with this Katherine (Gonzalez) & Cory Griffith at their wedding, located at The Riverside Grille, in Oakridge, Tennessee. The Riverside offered a perfect setting for the mood and feel of the event and the the crowd loved the atmosphere.

The photographer that we worked with that evening was Sullivan Photography. Very easy to work with and all fell into place.

As for the couple and their party: very intimate, organized and went off with no issues. The bride was on the dance floor all night, dancing with her friends, family and the children that came to help them celebrate their special day.

01 The Riverside Grill

03 Katy & Cory Griffith

04 Katy & Cory Griffith

As the Dancing Started, the guests joined Katy & Cory on the dance floor
05 Katy & Cory Griffith

06 Katy & Cory Griffith

07 Katy & Cory Griffith

10 Katy & Cory Griffith

11 Katy & Cory Griffith

13 Katy & Cory Griffith

15 Katy & Cory Griffith

19 Katy & Cory Griffith

August 28, 2013

{Ben & Lesley (Wallace) Berman, Knoxville, TN Wedding}

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This was a great opportunity for Sword Sounds and DJ Rob to meet up with new vendors in the Knoxville, TN area. Ben & Lesley had chosen for their venue The Orangery; a very nice location with multiple option for events. In fact, when we first arrived, we felt like we were setting up in a little community setting for a block party.

As the guest arrived, they were greeted by the Staff, simple h’dors and beverages, along with some very soothing and elegant sounds.

01 Wallace-Berman Knoxville TN Wedding, Sword Sounds

As the couple arrived – they were met with sounds of applause, laughter and shouts of excitement. As Ben & Lesley came down the stairs, they embraced for their First Dance as Husband & Wife.

01.5 Wallace-Berman Knoxville TN Wedding, Sword Sounds

01.6 Wallace-Berman Knoxville TN Wedding, Sword Sounds

And yes, one of our favorite shots of them:

02 Wallace-Berman Knoxville TN Wedding, Sword Sounds

Dancing with their parents:

03.5 Wallace-Berman Knoxville TN Wedding, Sword Sounds

Mingling and Thanking Guests:
04 Wallace-Berman Knoxville TN Wedding, Sword Sounds

The Toasts: Best Man & Maid of Honor

05 Wallace-Berman Knoxville TN Wedding, Sword Sounds

06.5 Wallace-Berman Knoxville TN Wedding, Sword Sounds

To the Party, “Drop it like it Hot”
07 Wallace-Berman Knoxville TN Wedding, Sword Sounds
09 Wallace-Berman Knoxville TN Wedding, Sword Sounds
12 Wallace-Berman Knoxville TN Wedding, Sword Sounds

Overall, it was a great afternoon for all that attended and Ben & Lesley left with smiles on their faces. Thank you guys.

July 3, 2013

{Tips to Booking Weddings & Events – 101, Knoxville, TN}

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After being in the entertainment business for over twenty five (25) years, I feel that I have a little to offer to those that are seeking to book DJ’s for their special day and events. I know that I am no expert, nor do I claim to be, but some of my insight and education to those that inquire it, have found it very useful. Thus, I felt that in order to maybe help boost our blog postings, ratings and possible further popularity, I would share some of the essentials that can make or break events.

This “101” lesson will be the first of hopefully, many more to come. We are in the process of studying the market, shopping habits and web traffic to ensure that those that are seeking information are finding it; it that what they find is reliable and accurate.

With that said, we believe that the first and most important key to any business in being successful is “Service”. Sword Sounds Service

In today’s technological advancements, everything is done via voicemail, automated recordings, YouTube Videos, email, and a multiple of other ways to educate the consumer without the human interaction. Much of which does help, but when a customer can not interact with a human, that robotic response can mean the difference between business or none.

I personally believe that with each customer that contacts us, whether it be at 8:00 am, 2:00 pm, or 3:00 am, they will get an immediate reply as all emails, calls and voicemail are returned within a few minutes to hours after receipt. We work the inquiries immediately and we attempt to provide the level of service that our clients have come to expect from us. We have actually found that clients, whom never even booked us, will call us to bounce off ideas, just because they can. WE are always happy to help, as it is the turn key to success.

Thus, to all our future clients and regular ones, the Difference is in the Service. We are humble at what we do and are always here to help out.

June 14, 2013

{Patrick Walshe & Kelly Love’s Wedding, Maple Grove Inn, Knoxville, TN – June 1, 2013}

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This was Sword Sounds First Debut in the Greater Knoxville, Tennessee Area for Djing. We met with Patrick & Kelly back in January 2013 for a consultation, and from what I was told, I was up against two other companies. From the moment that we all met, we all knew that this was going to be a great time and the perfect fit.

Kelly & Patrick

We arrived at the Maple Grove Inn at around 3:00pm to set up for both the Ceremony & Reception. I worked with Vicki there, and her staff, and everyone was such a delight to be around. They made the night that much more fun and it ran very smooth.

The photographers that she hired was Brittany Conner, whom also was a lot of fun to be around. Her and her assistant did an excellent job on keeping to the time line and they interacted very nicely throughout all the events.

Kelly and Patrick’s only wish for the entire evening – was “Dance and have Fun”. I will say, that we did! The crowd enjoyed the music that the couple had pre-selected, and then we were allowed to add a few others that went with the “music” theme. Very few slow songs were played and the dance floor stayed packed all night. We heard a lot of great comments and we made a few friends along the way.

With that said, here are a few photos of the night:

Let the Dancing Start
1 Patrick & Kelly 060113

2 Patrick & Kelly 060113

4 Patrick & Kelly 060113

5 Patrick & Kelly 060113

Follow the Bride

7 Patrick & Kelly 060113

9 Patrick & Kelly 060113

11 Patrick & Kelly 060113

14 Patrick & Kelly 060113

16 Patrick & Kelly 060113

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